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  • Our Global Mission
    Our global mission is to improve the quality of life and strengthen the future of societies around the world by providing sustainable and innovative solutions in the construction sector. By adopting high standards of environmentally friendly applications, we aim to build effective and durable structures in the global arena by using our engineering skills and technological capabilities. We keep quality, reliability and sustainability at the forefront of our projects by providing solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. Acting with the awareness of innovation, strong leadership and social responsibility, we act with the vision of making Gürteş Inşaat a preferred brand worldwide.
  • Our In-house Mission
    Our in-house mission, as Gürteş Inşaat, is to guide our employees and our organization, unite around a common vision and focus on success. Within this framework: Excellence-Oriented Work: By adopting the highest standards in the construction sector, we aim for excellence and quality in every project. Team Cooperation and Communication: By respecting each other, we encourage open communication and intra-team cooperation. By working together, we are creating a strong and effective team. Sustainability and Environmental Sensitivity: By adopting environmentally friendly practices in our projects, we keep the principle of sustainability at the forefront. We aim to use natural resources effectively and develop environmentally sensitive projects. Innovation and Use of Technology: By adopting modern principles, we follow the latest technologies and innovations in the sector and aim to continuously improve by using them in our projects. Employee Development and Satisfaction: We attach importance to the personal and professional development of our employees and strengthen the satisfaction and loyalty of our team members by providing a fair working environment. In line with this mission, as Gürteş Inşaat, we aim to become a leading company in our own sector, create value and achieve sustainable success.
  • Our Position in the Sector
    Gürteş Inşaat is a company that aims to establish its position as a strong leader in the construction sector. Our company stands out with its strong experiences in the sector, technical expertise and high-standard services. We shape our position around the following basic principles: Technological Innovation and Competence: Gürteş Inşaat provides technical superiority in its projects and leads the sector by adopting the latest technologies and innovations in the sector. Quality and Excellence Standards: By prioritizing quality in every project, we aim to reach the highest standards of excellence in the industry. By constantly increasing customer satisfaction, we aim to achieve a leading position in the sector. Sustainability and Environmental Awareness: By adopting environmentally friendly practices, adhering to the principle of sustainability, we are in a prominent position in the sector with the awareness of environmental responsibility. Business Ethics and Respect: By acting in accordance with business ethics, we base respect, honesty and trust in our relationships with our customers, business partners and employees. National and International Project Portfolio: We operate both nationally and internationally with a wide project portfolio, which allows us to be in an active position in various projects in the sector. Around these basic values, as Gürteş Inşaat, we continue to strengthen our position in the sector, play a leading role and provide value to our customers.
  • Our Team Mission
    Team mission Our team mission is to enable each employee who comes together as Gürteş Inşaat to form a strong team by uniting around a common vision. Dec. Within the scope of this mission: Cooperation and Team Spirit: As a team, we aim to create a strong synergy by combining talents from various fields of expertise. With cooperation and team spirit, we aim to achieve success by overcoming difficulties together. Continuous Learning and Development: We encourage continuous learning and development individually and collectively. We aim to keep up with the changes in the sector by creating a team equipped with new information and advanced capabilities. Innovation and Creativity: We encourage our team members to innovative thinking. Innovation and creativity form the basis of our problem-solving processes and help us to stand out in our projects. A Fair and Supportive Working Environment: We attach importance to providing a fair working environment among our employees and supporting each other. Dec. By respecting everyone's ideas, we encourage participation. Customer Focus: We attach importance to working together to understand the expectations of our customers and to add value to them. By keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, we aim to sign successful projects. In line with this mission, as the Gürteş Construction team, we aim to act as a whole, support each other and share success together. With these basic values, we aim to achieve excellence and success in our projects by creating a strong team.
  • Security Mission
    Our security mission, as Gürteş Inşaat, is to ensure the safety of each of our employees, customers and projects at the highest level and to create a sustainable security culture. Within this framework: Human Life is Our Priority: Occupational health and safety is our top priority in every activity. The health and safety of everyone are the basic elements of our success. Training and Awareness: We aim to increase compliance with safety standards by providing regular trainings and awareness programs to our employees. By creating a conscious team, we strengthen the security culture. Technological Security Solutions: Using the latest technology, we integrate modern solutions to increase security at construction sites and facilities. We evaluate the contribution of technology to security at the maximum level. Risk Management and Improvement: By continuously conducting risk assessment, we identify potential risks and strengthen preventive measures. We adopt continuous improvement processes to prevent the recurrence of accidents and incidents. Legal Compliance: We are committed to full compliance with the relevant legal regulations and standards. We consider ensuring full compliance with local and international safety standards to be a fundamental element of the way we do business. This security mission, as Gürteş Inşaat, aims to create a strong foundation for the successful completion of our projects based on the safety of our employees and the trust of our business partners.
  • Environmental Mission
    Our environmental mission, As Gürteş Inşaat, we are committed to protecting natural resources and minimizing our impact on the environment with our projects, keeping environmental sustainability at the forefront. Within this framework: Green Construction Practices: By adopting green construction principles in our projects, we encourage sustainable practices such as energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management and the use of environmentally friendly materials. Carbon-Free Solutions: We are turning to renewable energy sources in order to minimize carbon emissions and we are making continuous improvements in energy efficiency. Protection of Natural Ecosystems: In the process of planning and implementing our projects, we act by taking into account environmental sensitivity without harming natural ecosystems. Recycling and Waste Management: By following an effective strategy on waste management, we encourage recycling and make continuous efforts to minimize our waste. Employee Awareness and Training: By raising our employees' awareness on environmental issues, we encourage them to adopt the principle of sustainability and enable them to contribute to environmentally friendly practices. Legal Compliance: We are committed to full compliance with all local and national legal regulations related to the environment, we aim to exceed environmental standards. Within this framework, as Gürteş Inşaat, we are constantly making efforts to protect natural resources, promote environmentally friendly practices and optimize our projects in terms of environmental impact.
  • What kind of company is Gürtes Engineering?
    As a company operating in the construction sector, it adopts technological studies in structural architecture and applications as a priority mission. At the same time, by establishing strategic business partnerships with domestic and foreign companies, it closely follows the developments in the sector and provides representative services to customers. In this way, it continues its goal of adopting the innovations in the sector and providing value-added solutions to customers at the highest level.
  • What are the areas of expertise of Gürtes Engineering?
    It is a company specializing especially in the field of reinforced concrete prefabricated structures. His expertise in this field includes design, production and assembly services. In addition, the company also stands out in Deconstructural architecture, R&D studies and technological investments. In this way, it continues its mission to provide high-quality and innovative solutions to customers by following the latest developments in the sector.
  • Gürtes Mühendisliğin müşteri tabanı nasıldır?
    It serves both domestic and foreign customers by creating a wide range of customer bases. The customer portfolio includes companies operating in the construction sector, real estate companies, public institutions and individual customers. At the same time, the customers of the domestic and foreign companies with which it partners also constitute the target group of GÜRTES. This wide-ranging customer base reflects the diversity of the various services and solutions offered by the company.
  • What are the R&D and technological investments of Gürtes Mühendislik Dec.
    It makes R&D and technological investments by closely following the innovations in the sector Decently. This means developing new design and construction techniques in structural architecture, using advanced technology and focusing on important issues such as energy efficiency. Our company constantly monitors and implements R&D and technological developments in order to provide better services and solutions to customers Decently. In this way, it maintains its vision of offering innovative and high-quality projects to customers by keeping up with the latest trends in the sector.
  • What is the customer satisfaction oriented approach of Gürtes Engineering?
    It is a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction and adopts a solution-oriented approach. It constantly strives to understand the needs of customers, cooperate in projects and provide the best service. Our company attaches great importance to continuous communication and customer feedback and develops effective strategies to ensure customer satisfaction and continuity. In this way, it continues its goal of establishing long-term business relationships by exceeding the expectations of our customers.
  • What are prefabricated buildings?
    Prefabricated buildings are building systems created by combining building elements produced in a factory environment and then at the construction site. Reinforced concrete prefabricated structures, on the other hand, are construction systems in which durable materials such as concrete and steel are used as pre-produced building elements. This method speeds up the construction process, providing a more controlled production and assembly process. Reinforced concrete prefabricated buildings stand out with their robustness, durability and aesthetic appearance and offer a preferred solution in various construction projects.
  • What are the advantages of reinforced concrete prefabricated structures?
    Reinforced concrete prefabricated buildings offer a number of advantages such as fast construction time, cost-effectiveness, high quality and durability. In addition, it attracts attention and is preferred with its portability, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly features.
  • How soon can prefabricated buildings be built?
    Prefabricated buildings can be built faster compared to traditional construction methods. The assembly process at the construction site usually takes shorter, which significantly reduces the completion time of the project. This advantage of fast construction is an important factor, especially in cases where urgent needs need to be met or project processes need to be accelerated.
  • Are prefabricated buildings of high quality?
    Yes, reinforced concrete prefabricated structures are produced using high-quality materials and usually undergo strict quality control processes. Therefore, they have high quality standards in terms of durability, strength and longevity. This feature allows prefabricated structures to minimize long-term use and maintenance costs, while at the same time increasing the resistance of structures to various climatic conditions.
  • How durable are reinforced concrete prefabricated structures?
    Reinforced concrete prefabricated structures have high durability by using durable materials such as concrete and steel. These structures are specially designed to show resistance against natural disasters such as earthquakes, wind and other environmental influences. This feature emphasizes the ability of prefabricated structures to increase safety, as well as long-term use and adaptation to various environmental conditions.
  • In which areas can reinforced concrete prefabricated buildings be used?
    Reinforced concrete prefabricated buildings have a wide range of uses. They can be preferred in many areas such as residences, office buildings, schools, medical facilities, commercial buildings, industrial facilities. These versatile structures can be designed and built in accordance with different needs and projects. In addition, the fast assembly processes of prefabricated structures allow optimizing construction projects in different sectors and saving time.
  • Are reinforced concrete prefabricated buildings more cost-effective than traditional construction methods?
    Yes, prefabricated buildings can often be more cost-effective compared to traditional construction methods. The production process performed in the factory environment is more efficient and labor and construction costs are reduced because the assembly time on the construction site is shorter. This situation provides an opportunity to manage the budgets of projects more effectively and obtain cost advantages. In addition, Decrement of material waste and a more controlled production process are among the factors contributing to cost-effectiveness.
  • What kind of materials are reinforced concrete prefabricated buildings made of?
    Yes, reinforced concrete prefabricated structures are usually built with a combination of concrete and steel materials. These structures combine the high durability of concrete and the strength of steel to create a solid and durable structure. This combination provides a structural integrity based on both the compressive strength of concrete and the tensile strength of steel. These properties make reinforced concrete prefabricated structures resistant to earthquakes, wind and other environmental influences, thereby increasing the long-term strength and durability of the structures.
  • What advantages do reinforced concrete prefabricated structures have compared to traditional reinforced concrete structures?
    Yes, reinforced concrete prefabricated structures offer a number of advantages. These include faster construction time, lower labor costs, energy efficiency, less waste generation and high Deconstruction quality. In addition, the portability characteristics of prefabricated structures provide flexibility to be used in different locations. These advantages provide benefits in many areas, such as cost savings in construction projects, reducing environmental impacts, and managing projects more effectively.
  • How do prefabricated buildings perform in terms of energy efficiency?
    Yes, reinforced concrete prefabricated buildings provide high energy efficiency with the integration of insulation materials and energy-saving systems. Factors such as well-designed insulation, natural lighting and ventilation systems can significantly contribute to energy savings. This allows the structures to be more environmentally friendly in terms of sustainability and minimize energy consumption. These features also offer the building owners the advantage of saving energy costs in the long term.
  • How durable are reinforced concrete prefabricated structures?
    Yes, reinforced concrete prefabricated structures are durable because they are built using high-strength concrete and steel. These structures show high resistance to earthquakes, wind and other external influences and have a long service life. Thanks to its structural durability, reinforced concrete prefabricated structures provide strong protection against various environmental influences, so they provide a reliable solution for long-term use.
  • How flexible is the design of reinforced concrete prefabricated buildings?
    Yes, prefabricated buildings offer a flexible design and can be adapted with different building types, sizes and plan arrangements. This feature allows prefabricated structures to be customized and makes it possible to differentiate structures according to customer needs, project requirements and aesthetic preferences. This flexibility supports their use in various sectors and projects, but also provides an ideal solution to meet specific demands.
  • What are the reference projects of Gürtes Engineering?
    He has signed the projects of more than 720 companies operating in various sectors. These projects include industrial facilities, commercial buildings and many different areas. Dec. Gürtes Engineering's wide customer portfolio, sectoral diversity and successful projects reflect the wide range of solutions and services provided by the company.
  • How to ensure that prefabricated buildings are environmentally friendly?
    Yes, prefabricated buildings reduce waste and energy consumption on the construction site because they are produced in a factory environment. In addition, modular structures designed to provide energy efficiency are an environmentally friendly option. Since they are produced under factory controlled conditions, they keep material waste to a minimum and can be installed on the construction site with lower energy consumption. This means that prefabricated structures support sustainable construction practices, reduce environmental impacts and promote energy saving.
  • In which regions do the projects of Gürtes Engineering take place?
    He carries out his projects at both local and international levels. He has signed a number of projects in different regions throughout Turkey and abroad. This diversity reflects the participation of Gürtes Engineering in projects in various sectors in a wide geography by operating in the national and international Sunday.
  • How is the longevity of prefabricated buildings ensured?
    The use of high-quality materials, robust construction techniques and regular maintenance ensure the long service life of prefabricated structures. In addition, quality control and regular inspections are also of great importance.
  • Why should prefabricated buildings be preferred?
    Yes, prefabricated buildings offer advantages such as fast construction time, cost effectiveness, high quality and durability. They are also preferred with their features such as portability, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

​Updated Date: 29.01.2024

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