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​Channel Systems

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Duct systems are air transport systems usually used in applications such as ventilation, air conditioning, heating, cooling and industrial processes. These systems are designed to control air flow, ensure air distribution and improve indoor air quality. Here is a more detailed explanation about the channel systems:

Channel Design and Materials: Channel systems usually consist of pipes or channels made of durable materials such as metal (mostly galvanized steel), fiberglass or plastic. These materials must be hard and strong enough to effectively direct the air flow. The channel design is carefully carried out to ensure that the airflow is distributed smoothly and efficiently.

Air Distribution: Ducting systems are usually used to provide indoor air distribution. These systems transport the air circulated by ventilation fans and deliver it to different regions. The size, shape and location of the channels allow the air flow to be optimized.

Ventilation and Air Conditioning Applications: Ducting systems are widely used in ventilation and air conditioning systems. These systems are designed to improve indoor air quality, control temperature and humidity levels, and improve comfort. Ducts can be used to provide clean air or expel polluted air.Jul.

Heating and Cooling Systems: Duct systems can also perform the function of transporting air in heating and cooling systems. Heating ducts provide heating by distributing heat from hot air generators to the interior. Cooling channels, on the other hand, cool the interiors with cold air from the cooling units.

Industrial Applications: Channel systems can also be used in industrial processes or facilities. These systems are designed to ensure the circulation of industrial waste gases, to be used in ventilation and suction systems or to control the process temperature.

Maintenance and Cleaning: Regular maintenance and cleaning of duct systems is important. This prevents the airflow from being blocked and the air quality from deteriorating. In addition, channel systems that are not maintained can lead to the accumulation of microorganisms and pollutants and cause health problems indoors.

Ducting systems play an important role in many applications such as ventilation, air conditioning, heating and cooling by providing air circulation in indoor spaces. The correct design, material selection and maintenance increase the efficiency of ducting systems and improve indoor comfort.

​Why Gürtes Engineering?

​Expert Staff: We keep customer satisfaction in the forefront with our experienced engineers and expert team in the field.

Technology-Oriented Solutions: By using modern construction techniques and advanced technology, we ensure that projects are realized in the most effective way.

Environmentally Friendly Designs: We design sustainable production facilities using energy efficiency and environmentally friendly materials.

​Each type of "channel system" may have different characteristics depending on the specific requirements and intended use. Gürtes Engineering can provide expertise in the design, installation, maintenance and management of such channel systems. If you would like more specific information about a particular type of "channel system", please specify a specific concept or project.

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