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Dilovası Engin Turan Our factory construction Project Sme OIZ

Sme OSB Dilovası Reinforced Concrete and Steel Construction Mixed Factory Building construction.

Steel construction and reinforced concrete mixed building construction is a method usually used in the construction of large and complex structures. Such buildings are created by combining steel and reinforced concrete Decking elements and take advantage of the advantages of both materials.

Here are the basic steps of steel construction and reinforced concrete mixed building construction:

1. Design and Planning: Building design is carried out in accordance with customer requirements, intended use and local regulations. At this stage, the locations and dimensions of the steel and reinforced concrete elements required for the building are determined.

2. Foundation and Infrastructure Construction: Ground preparation is carried out at the construction site and reinforced concrete foundation and infrastructure construction is carried out. The foundation is important for the building to sit on a solid ground.

3. Steel Construction Installation: Steel construction elements are usually pre-manufactured in the factory and installed on the construction site. At this stage, steel columns, beams, roof and wall elements are properly installed.

4. Installation of Reinforced Concrete Elements: Depending on the building design, reinforced concrete elements are also installed. Reinforced concrete walls, floors and other building elements are placed on steel construction.

5. Roof and Siding Cladding: Roof and siding cladding operations are performed. This step ensures the protection of the building against external influences and gives it an aesthetic appearance.

6. Internal Arrangement and Equipment Installation: After the construction is completed, internal arrangement operations are carried out and the necessary equipment for the building is installed. This step ensures that the building is ready for use.

Steel construction and reinforced concrete mixed Decking construction combine the advantages of both materials, offering a robust, durable and fast construction process. In addition, this method can meet different structural requirements by providing flexibility and offers a variety of design options from an architectural point of view.

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