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Kale Havacılık Our Tuzla Free Zone Factory Construction Project

Kale Aviation Fabirka Construction Project

In accordance with the agreement made with Kale havacılk, we realized our steel construction factory construction project.

We managed to complete the planned construction in the Tuzla Free zone in as little as ten months.

Steel construction factory construction is a method used for the rapid and effective construction of industrial facilities. Steel is a frequently preferred material in the construction industry because it is lightweight, durable and easy to install. Steel constructions are ideal for sealing large openings, providing spacious interiors and meeting various industrial requirements. Here are the basic steps of steel construction factory construction:

1. Design: The construction project is designed according to customer requirements and the intended use. At this stage, the size, layout, height and other technical requirements of the factory are determined.

2. Engineering Calculations: Engineering calculations are made for the carrying capacity, durability and other structural characteristics of the factory. These calculations are necessary for the sizing and installation of steel structural elements.

3. Production: Steel structure elements are produced in the factory. These elements include steel columns, beams, roof beams, wall panels and other components. The production process includes such steps as welding and assembly of pre-cut and drilled steel profiles.

4. Installation: The steel structure elements produced are transported to the construction site and installed. The installation process is carried out by special equipment and specialized workers. Steel columns and beams are installed in place, then wall panels and roof elements are added.

5. Roof and Siding Cladding: The roof and siding cladding operations of the steel construction factory are performed. This step ensures the protection of the building against external influences and gives it an aesthetic appearance.

6. Internal Arrangement and Equipment Installation: After the construction is completed, internal arrangement operations are performed and factory equipment is installed. This step ensures that the factory is ready for use.

Steel construction factory construction offers a fast, durable and cost-effective solution. The lightness of steel building elements and ease of installation speed up the construction process, while the durability of steel structures also provides a long-term investment. In addition, steel constructions provide a flexible design and can be customized in accordance with various industrial requirements.

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