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Earthquake housing Village Houses Project

Earthquake houses are our light steel village houses project.

Gürtes will be the 5th Gaziantep Başpınar OIZ in 2023. Fafif steel production facility has also been established in the region.Our light steel production facility is already 

Light steel village houses are houses that are built using steel frames and are usually located in villages or rural areas. Such houses can be built faster and more economically than traditional construction techniques. At the same time, the durability and robustness of steel structures also provide advantages.

Some advantages of light steel village houses can be:

1. **Fast Construction**: Steel frames can be produced prefabricated and are easy to install, which reduces the construction time.

2. **Durability**: Steel is resistant to fire and is a suitable material for building earthquake-resistant structures.

3. **Flexibility**: Steel frames can be produced with flexibility that can adapt to different design requirements.

4. **Economy**: The light weight of the steel structure can reduce the basic and load-bearing structure costs.

5. **Environmentally Friendly**: Steel is a recyclable material and can reduce the amount of waste in the construction process.

However, light steel village houses can also have disadvantages:

1. **Thermal Insulation**: Steel structures do not provide thermal insulation as well as traditional structures, so additional insulation may be required. Oct.

2. **Cost**: In some cases, steel structures may be more costly than traditional construction techniques.

3. **Design Restrictions**: There may be some restrictions on the design of steel structures and they may not be suitable for some architectural styles.

Light steel village houses, when properly designed, can be a durable, economical and environmentally friendly housing option. However, as with any construction project, it is important to comply with local building standards and requirements.

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