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Bilecik Bozüyük Dairy Livestock Plant

Bilter Dairy Livestock Fattening Farm Facility

Our company has built a dairy cattle breeding facility in Bilecik Bozüyük district.

The design and all the manufacturing have been carried out by our company.

The Building System is Reinforced Concrete Prefabricated.

Reinforced concrete prefabricated barn systems are a system consisting of pre-produced reinforced concrete building elements used for animal housing in modern agriculture. Such systems are designed in order to quickly build farm structures used for animal husbandry and provide an efficient farm operation.

Reinforced concrete prefabricated barn systems usually include the following elements:

1. Walls: Reinforced concrete wall panels form the outer boundaries of the barn. These panels are produced in the factory and assembled at the construction site. Wall panels can be used to separate the interior and exterior of the barn.

2. Ceiling and Roof: Prefabricated reinforced concrete panels or slabs form the roof and ceiling of the barn. These panels are made of steel-reinforced concrete to ensure the durability of the roof. The roof is especially important to protect animals from external influences and provide a suitable environment.

3. Partition Walls: Reinforced concrete partition walls used to separate different areas in the barn allow animals to be divided into groups and facilitate their care.

4. Feeders and Watering Cans: Feeders and watering cans located in the barn are used to meet the feeding and watering needs of animals. Reinforced concrete prefabricated building elements ensure that these facilities are durable and hygienic.

5. Ventilation and Lighting: The ventilation and lighting system of the barn is important for raising animals in a healthy environment. Reinforced concrete prefabricated structures facilitate the integration of appropriate ventilation and lighting systems.

Reinforced concrete prefabricated barn systems offer farm operators a fast, durable and hygienic animal housing solution. In addition, the modular nature of such systems allows them to be easily expanded as the farm expands or according to changing needs. This provides farm operators with flexibility and a long-term investment.

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