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Adapazarı Kaynarca Furniture Manufacturers OIZ Factory construction project

Adapazarı Kaynarca furniture manufacturers Our OSB Factory Construction Project

Özdemir Model Syain Yılmaz Özdemir

Reinforced Concrete Prefabricated Building systems;

Reinforced concrete prefabricated factory and warehouse construction is a method used for the rapid and effective construction of industrial facilities and warehouse structures. Such constructions are generally preferred for large-scale production facilities, storage facilities, logistics centers and similar structures.

Here are the basic steps of reinforced concrete prefabricated factory and warehouse construction:

1. Design and Planning: The construction project is designed according to customer requirements and the intended use. In accordance with the needs of the factory or warehouse structure, factors such as internal arrangements, height, carrying capacity are taken into account.

2. Production of Prefabricated Elements: Prefabricated concrete elements are produced in the factory. These elements include building elements such as columns, beams, wall panels, floor panels. Production in the factory saves time on the construction site.

3. Foundation and Infrastructure Construction: Ground preparation is carried out at the construction site and reinforced concrete foundation and infrastructure construction is carried out. The foundation is vital for the structure to sit on a durable and solid ground.

4. Installation of Prefabricated Elements: Prefabricated concrete elements produced in the factory are transported to the construction site and assembled. Columns, beams and wall panels are installed in their proper places.

5. Roof and Siding Cladding: Roof and siding cladding operations are performed. This step ensures the protection of the building against external influences and gives it an aesthetic appearance.

6. Internal Arrangement and Equipment Installation: After the construction is completed, internal arrangement operations are performed and factory or warehouse equipment is installed. This step ensures that the facility is ready for use.

Reinforced concrete prefabricated factory and warehouse construction offers a cost-effective, fast and high-quality construction solution for employers. In addition, the use of prefabricated elements allows the construction process to consume fewer resources and reduces the environmental impact.

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