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​Modular Wall


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Modular wall systems are wall systems consisting of ready-made and interconnectable modules. These systems consist of several standard sized panels and are easy and quick to install. Modular wall systems can be made of a variety of materials, but usually lightweight and durable materials are preferred. Here is a more detailed description about modular wall systems:

Flexible Design: Modular Decking systems can be created by combining modules of different sizes and shapes. This provides designers and users with a wide range of creativity and flexibility, adapts to various design needs.

Quick Assembly: Modular wall systems consist of modules that have already been manufactured in the factory and are ready for installation. Therefore, their installation on the construction site is quick and easy, it takes less time than traditional methods of wall construction.

Lightness and Portability: Modular wall panels are generally lightweight and easy to transport. This facilitates the relocation and repositioning of panels for use in different projects.

Modularity and Extensibility: Modular wall systems can be expanded or reconfigured according to needs. With the addition of new modules or rearrangement of existing modules, wall systems can be easily renewed or replaced.

High Quality and Durability: Modular wall systems are usually made of high-quality and durable materials. This provides long-lasting and durable wall systems, reducing maintenance and repair requirements.

Functionality: Modular wall systems can be designed to suit different functional requirements. For example, the performance of systems can be improved by adding features such as sound insulation, thermal insulation or fire resistance.

Modular wall systems are usually used in offices, shopping malls, exhibition areas, trade fairs, free-standing areas and other commercial and industrial projects that require rapid construction. They are preferred due to their fast assembly, flexible design and high performance.

​Why Gürtes Engineering?

​Expert Staff: We keep customer satisfaction in the forefront with our experienced engineers and expert team in the field.

Technology-Oriented Solutions: By using modern construction techniques and advanced technology, we ensure that projects are realized in the most effective way.

Environmentally Friendly Designs: We design sustainable production facilities using energy efficiency and environmentally friendly materials.

​Contracting companies provide expertise in providing sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly solutions for infrastructure construction projects.

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