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​Ready-Made Wall Systems

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Ready-made wall systems are pre-assembled or factory-produced wall panels used in construction projects to speed up wall construction, reduce costs and simplify labor processes. These systems are usually produced by prefabrication and modular construction techniques and can be made of various materials. Here is a more detailed explanation about ready-made wall systems:

Prefabricated Wall Panels: Prefabricated wall panels are pre-manufactured in factories and installed by moving to the construction site. These panels can usually be made of concrete, steel, wood, aluminum or composite materials. They are manufactured in standard sizes and installation is quick and easy.

Modular Wall Systems: Modular wall systems consist of modules that can be connected and combined with each other. These modules can be of different designs and sizes and can be arranged as desired. The modular structure provides flexibility and adapts to different project requirements.

Wall Cladding Systems: Wall cladding systems include ready-made cladding panels. These panels are used to cover exterior or interior walls and are usually designed for decorative or protective purposes. Wall cladding panels are made of various materials (stone, brick, wood, metal, etc.) can be done.

Fast and Economical Construction: Ready-made wall systems speed up the construction process and reduce labor costs. Panels produced in a factory environment require less time and effort compared to traditional wall construction methods, as they are transported to the construction site and installed.

Quality Control and Higher Quality: Ready-made wall panels produced in a factory environment are produced in a more controllable environment and quality standards can be more strictly adhered to. This allows to achieve more consistent and high-quality results.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainability: Some off-the-shelf wall systems can be manufactured from recycled materials or reduce environmental impacts by reducing construction waste. In addition, fast construction processes can reduce energy and resource consumption.

Ready-made wall systems are especially popular in large-scale construction projects and situations with a need for rapid construction. They offer advantages such as faster construction processes, lower labor costs and higher-quality results.

​Why Gürtes Engineering?

​Expert Staff: We keep customer satisfaction in the forefront with our experienced engineers and expert team in the field.

Technology-Oriented Solutions: By using modern construction techniques and advanced technology, we ensure that projects are realized in the most effective way.

Environmentally Friendly Designs: We design sustainable production facilities using energy efficiency and environmentally friendly materials.

​Contracting companies provide expertise in providing sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly solutions for infrastructure construction projects.

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